Join the Choir!

For over two decades, in four different locations, A Cappella Books has maintained its unique place in Atlanta’s ever-shifting cultural landscape. During that time, countless visitors have commented about how glad they are that we’re still around doing what we do. Those comments warm our hearts, but in today’s economy, with online bookstores and chain bookstores dominating the industry, they don’t always provide the kind of support we could really use. Joining the A Cappella Choir does.

And it offers you the kind of discounts our bigger, deeper-pocketed competitors have been using to try and crush us.

Members of the A Cappella Choir receive discounts on every purchase from A Cappella Books. The percentage of your discount depends on the level at which you join.
choir card

A $100 membership equals $110 in store credit, or a 10% discount on every purchase

A $500 membership equals $600 in store credit, or a 20% discount on every purchase

A $1,000 membership equals $1,300 in store credit, or a 30% discount on every purchase

In addition to the great savings, A Cappella Choir members enjoy the ease of shopping with us without ever having to pull out their wallet, sign for credit cards, carry around change...You have your own VIP account with us.

A Cappella Choir Members Also Receive:

Preferred seating at all offsite A Cappella author events and FREE admission to many ticketed A Cappella author events.

For more information about the A Cappella Choir, please call 404-681-5128 or stop by the store and join today!